Ikan Technologies

Originally known as i-Track, Ikan pioneered its integrated proprietary transferee management system in 2017. Evolving continuously, this patented system has undergone numerous enhancements. We conducted a post-pandemic comprehensive re-engineering that introduced i-Tour and i-Navigate and increased its value for all stakeholders through the creation of the i-Track technology ecosystem.


Implemented in 2018, Ikan’s award-winning i-Track version 2 is an advanced assignment management system offering greater value to our clients (corporates, RMCs and transferees). It goes beyond traditional assignment management, serving as an assignment planning system.

Built on a robust PHP Platform, i-Track version 2 ensures scalability and includes APIs for seamless integration with other databases. The new i-Track includes employee KPIs, cost tracking and timeline measurements that allow clients access to improved reports, such as the digital move-in-move-out report, departure services report and detailed home finding and settling-in reports.


Client access to relevant data.

Transferee value-added reports
and essential digital forms.

Program log sheets.

Cost-saving reports.





Seamless access allows for full transparency since all stakeholders can track assignments in real-time. Transferees receive customised digital kits in a mobile app. The system also monitors lease, visa and residential permit expiries to aid renewal, as well as the decision-making involved in these processes.

For use by Ikan's team, i-Track version 2 has features like the Document Reservoir, a built-in CRM system, a Work Scheduler and an Activity Planner, elevating service delivery.

Security is a priority with measures to comply with GDPR requirements. Data resides on a secure server with access level controls so that only relevant information is visible to our internal teams on a need-to-know basis.


This proprietary tool streamlines property management and tour creation. With i-Tour, Ikan’s innovative property database is seamlessly integrated with our flagship i-Track.

This unique tool empowers Ikan consultants and our ecosystem of brokers to build a centralised property database, ensuring swift tour creation for clients. With i-Tour, transferees can access virtual tours featuring customised maps, landmarks, distance markers and detailed property information. The tool invites comments that enhance the shortlisting process and allow consultants to customise itineraries.


Property database.

Housing broker access.

Customised online itineraries and tours.

Landmark and distance markers.

Comment feature on tours.

App feature.

Visibility for all stakeholders.


Ikan introduced i-Navigate, an integrated technology platform for all stakeholders, accessible on the web and mobile devices. i-Navigate enhances the transferee’s relocation experience and provides transparency and control over their assignments. Security and privacy are ensured via password protection and encryption technology.

Other stakeholders, including HR managers, mobility leads, RMCs and service authorisers, can actively track assignment progress, view program reports and transparently manage lease, visa and permit expiries. This virtual environment offers real-time feedback, highlights areas for improvement and regular involvement throughout the assignment life cycle.

Transferees can access i-Navigate 24/7 for the following:

Personalised digital destination guides.

Virtual tours.

Real-time assignment tracking.

Visa and lease tracking.

Online form submission.

Confidential and safe document repository.