Corporate Housing

To minimise accommodation and administrative costs for transferees, Ikan delivers comprehensive corporate housing solutions across India through various programs.

Our solutions include the following: 

  1. Global Corporate Housing Consolidation Program

Ikan consolidates third-party-operated apartments within its corporate housing program and maintains an updated database of quality-checked housing options. Our clients benefit from a curated selection, that ensures safety and cost-effectiveness.

  1. Ikan-Operated Corporate Housing

We manage and operate apartments directly at key destinations across India, providing an easy and comfortable housing experience for transferees.

  1. Ikan Shared Accommodation Program

Tailored for domestic relocations within India, this program is ideal for budget-conscious transferees, including young executives, interns and recent graduates. Ikan offers subleased apartments on a shared model for those open to living with colleagues or friends.

  1. Lessee on Record Program

Specifically designed for cross-border transferees, this program allows Ikan to assume the lessee's responsibilities, addressing administrative challenges (such as lease execution, GST compliance, TDS and other regulatory requirements) and minimising associated risks and responsibilities. This program works especially well in cases wherein the transferee or their employer is reluctant to assume the tedious process of acquiring a lease or managing tenancies in instances where paying deposits is a challenge.

  1. Lessor on Record Program

Ikan assumes the role of lessor on record, subleasing the premises to the corporation or transferee. These services are tailored to executives and families that require value-added tenancy support when there is an unwilling landlord. Examples of this type of support could involve additional furniture and appliance installation within the premises, maintenance, housekeeping services and utility costs that need to be part of the cost of the tenancy. Here, the tenant has a pleasant housing experience without the stress of administrative burdens.