Social Responsibility Projects

Social Responsibility Projects

Ikan believes that giving back to society is as crucial to our core values, as the work we do. For this reason, we have initiated and contributed to many high impact causes in our country. These projects have made a difference to the people and communities we serve.

Here are a few of our initiatives

The Gift of Sight

We take great pride in our Gift of Sight initiative, in association with HelpAge India. Through this collaboration, we have raised funds from donors worldwide to expand cataract operations for underprivileged, elderly patients in India. 

There are currently 18.6 million individuals awaiting cataract surgeries. This is equivalent to about one-fourth of the global population of persons with visual impairments. Presently, it would take over a decade for their medical needs to be addressed. HelpAge India partners with credible eye hospitals throughout the country to organise free eye camps and conduct free cataract surgeries for needy elderly. The goal of this project is to restore the vision and independence of underprivileged cataract-affected elders.

Additionally, we worked with The Online Book Company in the UK to create a book for those whose sight was restored. All the money from the purchase of this book goes towards funding The Gift of Sight project. We thank the late Jonathan Howard, the founder of The Online Book Company and a dear friend to Ikan, who partnered with us to make this project a remarkable success.

Healthcare at Doorsteps

In partnership with Impact Guru, Ikan sponsored the Healthcare at Doorsteps camp at Punasa, a remote region in Central India. The primary objective of this initiative was to deliver essential healthcare services to marginalised communities in urban and rural parts of the country, focusing on areas that have little to no medical facilities. Special attention was paid to the needs of women, children and the elderly.

Because of this project, 22 villages surrounding the Punasa Tehsil in the Khandwa District of Madhya Pradesh received medical attention and necessary medication. The project involved 10-11 weekly onsite visits every two weeks.

The Healthcare at Doorsteps initiative proved to be a glowing success and enhanced the physical and mental security of its beneficiaries. Ikan teams also worked with community mobilisers to spread awareness about the program. Ikan was proud to receive a prestigious award for this fulfilling endeavour.

Tree Plantation Drive

Ikan sponsored a widespread tree-planting drive to reforest the Kanganheri Village in West Delhi. Under this initiative, 1000+ native saplings (including plants from more than 20+ species) were planted in a 3600 sq. ft. area, using the Japanese Miyawaki Method. This method has seen trees grow 10 times faster with a 30x greener surface area, as compared to conventional planting methods. The process is 100% natural and free of chemicals.

This project aimed to reduce the negative impact of climate change, improve air quality, conserve rainwater, preserve soil, reduce dust levels and attract more wildlife.

Ikan employees, their business partners and many clients planted the saplings themselves, in addition to sponsoring and procuring them. They pledged to maintain these saplings until they grow to be self-sufficient.

Ikan’s Internal Initiative

One of our most special initiatives takes place within the Ikan family. It is with great joy that we sponsor the primary, secondary and higher education of employees within a specific salary bracket.

We are proud of this tradition and plan to make this a long-term feature of life at Ikan.