India Immigration

As an India-based business, Ikan specialises in cross-border relocations to India and works with families who make India their home for short or long periods of time. We ensure that such families file for the correct visas with flawless paperwork and remain compliant as legal residents during their stay in the country.

Employment/Entry Visas

Indian Consular Visas

We coordinate with the appropriate Indian mission located in the home country of the foreign employee and their accompanying family members. We assist in processing these visas, complying with all necessary procedures to ensure a smooth relocation experience.

Employment, Dependent and Business Visas

Ikan provides step-by-step assistance for transferees seeking employment visas. We also help them comfortably acquire dependent visas for their spouse and family members. Our visa services also extend to applications for business visas.

Residential Permits (FRRO)

Our in-country FRRO services include the management of the residential permit process when the foreign transferee arrives in India. We also facilitate the change of passport and change of address procedures for the transferee and their family throughout the period of their stay in India to make sure that they are at ease at every point of their assignment.

Visa/Permit Extensions

Ikan not only helps transferees acquire the necessary visas and residential permits, but we also assist with subsequent extensions for the same. We tailor our support to ongoing or extended employment requirements, ensuring a seamless process for individuals continuing to stay in India.

Change of Address/Jurisdiction/Passport

Intra-India Transfers

Ikan supports foreign transferees through transfers within India, facilitating change of address/jurisdiction permits and procedures through the local FRRO.

New Visa/Lost Passport

In case the transferee has a child born during their term in India, Ikan also helps them apply for the issuance of a fresh Indian visa. We also have protocols and solutions in place to tackle lost passports or Indian visas.

Visa Conversion

Form C

Ikan supports foreign transferees, helping them acquire residence proof for Indian visas and FRRO-related applications by coordinating with the landlord for the necessary documentation.

Visa Conversion

If, for any reason, there needs to be a change in the purpose of visit in the transferee’s Indian visa, Ikan’s visa conversion services help the transferee furnish the documentation and complete the process required for the same.

Exit Permit/Re-Entry Visa

Ikan helps foreign transferees seek permission from the relevant authorities to leave or re-enter India in cases of overstay or visa expiry.