The Gift of Sight – An IKAN Initiative

One of the inevitable facts of life is that we all have in common is that as each day passes we grow older.


With this in mind, when looking for a charity that all of us in IKAN had an interest in, working with HelpAge India was a natural option for us to consider. When we looked into their operations in more detail, all of us became increasingly impressed about how the Charity works and how it goes about its programs for the disadvantaged elderly of India. CRISIL has assigned HelpAge a grading of VO 1A – the highest grading for the NGO/ Voluntary sector on a scale of 1A to 5C. This is a reflection of their excellence in work and commitment and it speaks highly of their delivery capabilities, credibility, and financial discipline


Firstly, a visit to their Delhi Head office quickly reveals the dedication and calibre of the staff involved and the work they do to look after the growing ageing population in India. 2018 is the 40th Anniversary of HelpAge India and rather than make a general donation, we decided that we wanted to get involved in a particular project and make a tangible difference.


During this 40th Year, IKAN is going to be helping HelpAge India raise money to increase the number of Cataract operations there are in India. As things stand 18.6 million people in India are on a waiting list which amounts to about one fourth of the world’s blind population and at today’s rate that will take more than 10 years to meet.


HelpAge India partners with credible and capable charity eye hospitals all over India to organize free eye camps and conduct free cataract surgeries for needy elderly. The goal of this project is restoration of vision & self-dependence of cataract affected destitute elders. This simple procedure restores dignity and improves quality of life of the visually impaired.


So, we have commissioned an Interactive Online Book through “ the online book company “ in the UK, where those from India and across the Globe can buy single or multiple cataract operations for HelpAge India. This purchase, through the book, can also be dedicated to a friend or relative.


What nicer thing to be able to dedicate the gift of sight to someone as a Birthday present or special gift.


The Book is online from April, 2019 where IKAN is going to make this available to their clients across the globe and in so doing, give as many people the opportunity of giving the gift of sight to disadvantaged elder’s in India.

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“Bring a smile on every aging face”


A Secular, Non-profit organization established in 1978 and registered under the Societies’ Registration Act of 1860, HelpAge India has since its inception been providing relief to the elderly through several focused interventions that directly impact the lives of lakhs of older people. HelpAge India is amongst the biggest and oldest NGO’s in India and mobilizes resources across India to fund their various projects.


However, the need gap is so very vast that despite mobilizing fairly large resources, HelpAge is able to reach out to only 1.25 million needy elders and the communities which they live in…